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 Judgement Days

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PostSubject: Judgement Days   Thu Dec 11, 2014 10:12 pm

When He [Jesus] saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. - Matthew 9:36

   "The world is not as it once was. 30 years ago you could go to the coffee shop without any trouble. Now, in the year 2044, first they have to check your ID Card, then, searched for any white spots. Man, I miss the old days." -Random Citizen of U.S.

   The new world we live in based upon the ideals of God, or so the people "in charge" say. Normal people have been dubbed Sheep, and are under the rule of the Pope, Machiavelli Lucretzia, self-proclaimed visionary of God. However, in the far reaches of the world lurks the Sheep-Killers, monstrous people that have lost all their humanity and prey on the Sheep to survive. The Pope is yet to do anything about this problem, and is left up to the Sheppards, which have recently started to pop up more frequently, lead the Sheep to freedom. Those who witness the battles between the Sheppards and the Sheep-Killers call these times, "Judgement Days."

Setting: The plot is mainly placed in Nou Zi Island, commonly called N Island, which is off the coast of California. The New Vatican City, located in the center of the island is where the Pope resides. Sheppards are found round the island, but mainly in The Vatican City, for many suspect there is a bigger connection between the Sheep-Killers and the Pope than everyone thinks. Other places of interest are scattered across Nou Zi, ranging from simple towns to Sheep-Killer bases.

-Saint Marks: Saint Marks is a town stationed on the west side of N Island. The town is best known for its hospitality, and well-renown statue in the center of the town. Many Sheppards found this place to be the most non-evil spectacle on the Island, but Sheep-Killers still lurk in the darkness here as well as everywhere else.

-Diablo: A base of operations for Sheep-Killers. Any Sheep in this territory is dead meat. The monsters are lead by a mysterious force, and is known only as "An otherworldly strong Sheep-Killer." Their leader is yet to come out of the dark, which is probably a good thing.

Fienze- A sanctuary for the Sheppards spread across the Island. A spectacle for most, Fienze is based underground, aprox 400 feet under that of the New Vatican City. A place where Sheppards are given their tasks and requirements. This also serves as a place for Sheppards in training. The only way to access Fienze is by either being a Sheppard, or being with one.

Sheep- Ordinary humans thay do not possess any power what so ever, until they either become a "Sheep-Killer" or, are chosen to become a "Sheppard." When Sheep die, one of three things happen. They are either eaten by a Sheep-Killer, providing energy for the monster, their soul is banished to He'll by a Sheppard, or are taken to Heaven by one.

Black Sheep- Just like regular Sheep, Black Sheep possess no power what so ever. But, cannot be banished to Hell OR taken to Heaven, and are cursed to roam the earth forever. This does not however, mean that they cannot die, in fact, they can. However, since they are not effected by anything Holy, they could easily become a Sheep-Killer, and therefore become harder to destroy, only by thay of Non-Holy ways. (Side Note: Too many of these would be overkill.)

Sheep-Killers- Sheep-Killers start out as regular people until they start to lead a life of deceit. Sheep-Killers can be wicked in appearance, and sometimes mask this behind different forms, weakening their power. Every Sheep-Killer has a white spot somewhere on there body, apparently where they "lost their humanity." Sheep-Killers CANNOT function without the consumption of Sheep. They generally become weaker the less they eat, and vice versa. So, the more Sheep consumed, the stronger the Sheep-Killer.

Sheppards- Sheppards are the guardian chosen by God to watch over the Sheep of the world. Some are trained from birth to become one, and some are just chosen by luck. Each Sheppard carries a "Sheppard's Staff." A weapon of varying forms, unique to every one, which they use to combat the "Sheep- Killers." Sheppards, however, are not divine, and are as susceptible to becoming Sheep-Killers as the other Sheep. Only a few Sheppards has become, but, the possibility of a Sheppard thay is also a Sheep-Killer is also on the table as of the moment.
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Judgement Days
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