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 Ix in Chains.

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PostSubject: Ix in Chains.   Fri May 01, 2015 1:44 am

The city was thick. Smog and humidity pressing down on steamy midnight streets. This city never sleeps, however. Alive and bustling at all hours. Neon signs flickered by through the black tint of the Lexus S.U.V.’s windows—just glinting across Ixion’s pale, slender face. His dark hair shimmered sloppily over his eyes, tasseled and damp with sweat. His chest rose and fell slowly. Unconscious.

He’d let his guard down only for a moment, and here he’d been punished. Was it slipped into his drink? Was it magic? He was much too weak from his previous days’ work to fight off anything strong. Cuts and faint bruises still dotted his limbs after returning from a mission only 3 days prior, he’d had no time to recover. His eyes flitted ever so.

His body bounced limp against the laps of those he was strewn across. Slaves to the witch Leo, he’d been captured to serve. The chauffeur drove silently to the witch’s house. Ixion had yet to wake from his dreamless coma. The drive was a mere 30 minutes out of the city and the car pulled up to an elegant property, awaiting the black cast-iron gate to allow them access. And as they navigated the acres of the property, the slaves checked the cuffs securing his arms behind his back before shackling his ankles with heavy chains.

Pulling up the veranda to heavy double doors, several of the strangers dragged Ixion from the car and into the foyer of the massive mansion where the chauffeur closed the double doors behind them. He looked to the large bookshelf sprawling up and along the wall, tugging at a golden embroidered book. The wall creaked open. They pulled Ixion through the door where he was distributed into a cage and closed off into the darkness.

Heavy-eyed and sore, Ixion blinked into the darkness. His eyes took a moment to adjust as he got his bearings. He squinted around himself, taking in the many other cages stuffed with humans. Like animals they were lined and stacked. Groaning and whispers echoed against stone walls. Ixion pushed himself upright, deep eyes glossed as he leaned himself against the bars of his cage.

“Fuck.” He sighed.
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Princess Myra

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PostSubject: Re: Ix in Chains.   Fri May 01, 2015 2:02 am

Leo was sitting in front of her vintage, Victorian style vanity brushing her thick golden hair. She heard the knock on her door and pulled a robe over her nude body. She flicked her wrist, using her magic to open the door. A pretty young girl walked in, dressed in a silly frilly outfit. "Hello my pet!" Leo purred, rubbing the girls pretty cheek in her hand. "He's here." The girl replied in a dull, empty voice. Leo stared into her bright blue glazed over eyes. "You are so so pretty. My perfect little doll." Leo said softly, kissing her on the cheek. "Go get me my new French black lingerie." She ordered shortly, standing up and crossing the room the get her diamond encrusted heels. When she had them on her slave helped dress her, and handed her her favorite fur coat.

Leo applied dark red lipstick to her mouth before leaving the room. She lit a cigarette with her finger and walked slowly down the spiral staircase. She couldn't help but smile, she was so excited to see him again. Their last encounter had been.... Unforgettable. She could still taste him on her lips. She shuddered with anticipation and quickened her steps.

Soon enough she was walking down the stairs to her cellar. She kept some of her rather unruly slaves down here. Some of the people down here were also the meat used to feed Simba, and naturally she had some political hostages. "Hello my pets!" Leo sang happily as she walked past the cages. The took the time to kick and shake each cage roughly, enjoying the fearful cries from within.

The cage that Ix was in was meant for a large mammal, a cage you would keep a tiger or lion in. She walked boldly up to the cage and shrugged the fur coat seduxtively off of her shoulder. "I've missed you so much." She said softly, pressing her leg against the bars of the cage.
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PostSubject: Re: Ix in Chains.   Fri May 01, 2015 2:17 am

Ixion flinched at the light blasting through the open door. Heels clicked and cages rattled. He slumped weakly, still groggy from exhaustion and god knows what she’d sedated him with. He shielded his brow with his forearm, hearing the howls and moans of the other captives.

“Oh mistress, please mistress, please I will do whatever you want mistress. Just please let me out of this cage.” Cries and begs put Ixion further into the corner of his cage. Like a scared cub.

“MISTRESS PLEASE!” some wailed. Ixion was panting now as she approached him, his nostrils flaring at the scent her expensive perfume. This was all too familiar.

As the woman stood before his cage, his eyes climbed up her delicately sculpted legs, smooth and young, to her torso and breasts. Her bare shoulders glistened. He blinked at the fur coat on the floor and then back up to her face, eyes on her plump lips.

“Leo?” he grumbled hoarsely, pressing his palm against his eyes. A slave opened his cage door and two more slaves entered to drag him out before Leo. They tossed him to the floor, where he just barely caught himself. His arms flexed as he lowered himself down before her.

“I should have known.” He spat at the floor. “You think you can keep me here?” he challenged with a dull laugh.
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Princess Myra

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PostSubject: Re: Ix in Chains.   Fri May 01, 2015 8:59 am

Leo pressed one of her heels on his back, slowly applying pressure. "Don't be cranky!" She scowled softly. "I went through so much trouble to get you here! I even used one of my nicest cars..." She removed her shoe from his back and pressed it on one of his hands instead. The expensive high heel dug into his skin, the diamonds shining brightly. She leaned down, spreading her legs wide - her expensive lingerie pressed against her smooth crouch.

She took a drag from her cigarette and used one of her hands to move his face up to hers, admiring the cold hateful stare. She slipped a finger in his mouth, and then pressed her red lips against his filling his mouth with smoke. "Haven't you missed me?" She whined softly, her big bright eyes gleaming with desire.

She waved up hand up and down to make his head nod yes using magic. He was easy to control due to the drugs in his system. She pulled his body up to a kneeling position, like he was begging. She slid her slender foot out of her heels and pressed it against his face, laughing loudly. "Oh you look so pathetic!" She spat, bringing her foot back and kicking him hard in the face.

She walked over to the wall and got down a heavy metal collar connected to a steel chain. She snapped the collar around his neck and placed the key against her breast in her bra. She tugged the collar hard making him fall onto his hands and knees. "Bark like a dog." She ordered seriously, her eyes glowing darkly. She wrapped the chain around her slender wrist, keeping it tight so the metal would press into his skin.
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PostSubject: Re: Ix in Chains.   Fri May 01, 2015 7:11 pm

Exhausted and numb, Ixion grunted as her heel dug into the pale tight skin of his back. He inhaled heavily, keeping his face emotionless under the strain. He balled his fist, his reflection winking back at him through the diamonds of the high end footwear. His eyes could not help but wander along her legs and between her legs before he closed them and pressed his forehead against the cold stone floor.

“Nice cars. Hah.” he huffed, voice muffled as he spoke to the ground.

Ixion allowed his chin to be lifted, eyes fixed and set on Leo’s. He felt her find slip past his lips and with a tug she filled him with her own smokey lips leaving a drag of red lipstick across his face and silky rolls of cigarette smoke frothing from his mouth. She liked it when he refused her, he could see it in her fiery gaze.

His body was contorted and controlled by the woman, he slumped, knelt before her--all for the taking. She watched him like a starved lioness and he sat motionless before her. He did look pathetic and felt more so as she planted a swift kick to his jaw. His body braced instinctively, always ready for a fight. His neck snapped back with the kick, muscles straining and keeping him knelt upright with ease. Catching himself fighting back he quickly then dropped to the floor  dramatically, falling onto his side.

“Don’t hurt me mistress!” he whined in mock pleads, sounding like the other slaves begging for her attention. He was sure she hated this, as she’d worked so hard to find him because he was not so easily broken.

Leashed, Ixion then sat back on his haunches, the metal collar icey on his throat.

“Is a dog fit for a lioness?” he replied, bowing his head now. “If that’s what you like then, kitty kitty.” he mused, opening his lips to bark.

He snatched the chain that was in her hand, yanking her down to the floor with him and crawling atop her on all fours.

“So weak.” he growled into her ear, his tongue pressing hot against her cheek and running along to her lips.
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Princess Myra

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PostSubject: Re: Ix in Chains.   Fri May 01, 2015 11:19 pm

Before Leo knew it she was pinned down by Ix. She groaned loudly as his tongue tasted her skin. She knew in the state he was in she could easily overpower him, but was enjoying this show of dominance, resistance. God it turned her on.

She spread her legs underneath him and began to grind against him softly, bringing her clawed nails up to scratch his scalp roughly. He quickly pinned her arms down to the floor and she smiled, laughing. She saw a trace of his blood on her nails from his head. Her naked, smooth legs wrapped around his back tightly, like a snake trying to constrict its prey. She used her face to turn his towards her and started to roughly kiss him, an animalistic growl growling in her throat. She shoved his tongue in his mouth, loving the familiar taste.

She grabbed his lips between her white teeth and bit down hard enough to draw blood. She moaned as the blood filled her mouth and ran down her chin. "You've been on my mind all of this time." She whispered seductively. "I never got to feel you inside of me." She gasped, staring into his dark cold eyes.
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PostSubject: Re: Ix in Chains.   Sun May 03, 2015 6:32 pm

Ixion could feel Leo’s magic fading from his system as he stared down at the elegantly fragile girl beneath him. Watching her writhe and grind against him frantically, needily. He bowed his head to her when she clawed his scalp, grunting quietly at her nails drawing blood. And when she kissed, oh, did he let her think she was in control. His hands engulfed her tiny wrists which he pinned above her head. He could hold both of her arms in only one of his hand and still keep her at bay.

Blood pooled from his lip. He pulled his face away from Leo’s, his strength returning to him minute by minute: blood dripped onto the girl’s face. Being of magical blood himself, spells such as this wore off faster for him. He sucked his bottom lip into his mouth, the metal taste of his own blood setting his hair on end.

When she spoke, he ignored her. He knew she needed all of his attention and he would never admit he enjoyed playing these games. His eyes wandered, looking at the female slaves around him. Eyes locking with a dark haired beauty, he tipped his head back ever so slightly and the female walked toward him, under his control. Humans were so easy.

She reached the two of them, shoving Ixion away from Leo and taking a seat on his lap where she then reached for the button of his pants as she shoved her mouth against his.
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Princess Myra

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PostSubject: Re: Ix in Chains.   Mon May 04, 2015 7:43 pm

Leo was surprised when Ix was grabbed off of her from one of her very own slaves. It was then she realized how strong Ix actually was, and that the spell she had cast earlier was already wearing off. A frown came across her pretty face as she went over her options.

Ix seemed willing to play with her even though her magic had worn off, and she wasn't all that surprised. She had the body of an goddess and deep down inside the husk of a man that he is, he's still a man. A dark, sadistic, shell of a man but still a man. That's what she loved about him. She watched her slave reach down into his pants and she felt a pang of jealousy, she had never even gotten that far.

Leo had to show Ix that she was still in charge after all, and punish him for such an act of disobedience. She quietly chanted her spell under her voice and watched her already long fingernails transform into deadly claws. She walked quietly up behind the pair and looked into his eyes as she began to lick and suck on the slaves neck. She casually brought her clawed hand up by her face and smiled as she grabbed the slaves head in her free hand. She quickly shoved the claws deep into the back of the slaves head, breaking through the skull and killing her instantly. It took a strong tug to free her hand from the woman's skull and wiped the gore off on the slaves clothing, changing her hand back to normal.

She stood over Ix, eyes burning. She didn't break eye contact once the entire time.
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PostSubject: Re: Ix in Chains.   Tue May 05, 2015 1:28 am

Ixion enjoyed Leo's childish games. They made him feel almost human again. And "feeling" wasn't his thing. He'd spent many a year working on not feeling and he hated to be roped into emotions again. As the slave girl's hand slipped down his pants, he could see Leo's gaze sharpen--her fiery dominance unable to be tamed. Ixion watched her every move, observing her lips as she chanted.The gloss glistened wet against her spell bound mouth and Ix wondered if maybe he was playing into Leo's whims.

He watched dead-pan as Leo crushed the slave girl's skull, a sickening crunch as the bone shattered like a ceramic glass against the floor. Their eyes never broke as Ixion's gaze held tight to the blond beauty's.

"Don't be mad." he stated, reaching forward and snatching Leo briskly by the bra of her lingerie. Ixion pulled her into his lap, her clawed hands falling at his side. He hated to admit that he liked her spunk. So he didn't.

"I'm hungry, Leo." he purred her name, their eyes still locked. "I need food. You captured me at a bad time, really." he told her casually with a sigh. He tipped his neck to the side, the heavy collar clanking against his chains. Was she always so twisted? He gazed at her frail, slender figure and pondered how she's become this way.

Grunting in irritation at his own curiosity he closed his eyes and cleared his mind of such things. He had things to take care of in the real world and she was keeping him locked away from his task.
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Princess Myra

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PostSubject: Re: Ix in Chains.   Tue May 05, 2015 11:06 pm

Leo almost purred when she was pulled into his lap. She felt like she had won, a smile crossing her face. She wondered if she was being rewarded for killing the competition. Her entire life had been one big competition, competing with her beautiful sisters, competing with the other witches...

She wrapped her silky legs around his waist and put her head on his chest. "I'm sorry you're hungry..." She said softly. She reached over to the dead girl and got a handful of blood and brought it to his mouth. "Here, you can eat this." Her eyes started to glow darkly. "Or you can eat me..." She whispered, grabbing his hand and bringing it to her crouch. She lightly nibbled his ear and said softly, "I taste delicious."

Maybe if he complied for once she would actually feed him, she would love to share a dinner with him.
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PostSubject: Re: Ix in Chains.   

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Ix in Chains.
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