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 A Paradise In Peril

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PostSubject: A Paradise In Peril   Fri Jul 02, 2010 7:19 pm

Ethium is truly a land of beauty. It is a land filled wit beautiful places, magnificent people, and majestic beasts. The whole of the world is unofficially under the rule of one kingdom, though the land is sud-divided into smaller sections, denoting various race's ancestral homelands. Some races refuse the rule of said kingdom, but they are mostly based in rural areas and aren't given much thought. The land has recently seen a rather large increase in technology, with beautiful architecture being crafted, and factories being made to begin mass-producing conformities. Guns have recently made their entrance into the military, though they have by no means pushed blades and armors out of battles.

The entire world of Ethium is in fact one large continent with peninsulas and bays, a few tropical islands dotting the sea that fills the rest of the world. It is considered a "Flat World", seeing as the surface of the world doesn't form into a sphere, but in fact is just a large oval-esque shape, with the sea spanning from the shores of the continent to what is literally the end of the world, where the oceans simply pour out into the realm below in a eternal torrent. The realm in which this water pours into is known as the Astral Visage. This is a rather gloomy realm, full of withered trees and dark forests, wiht tunnels and caves twisting throughout it. It is caught in an eternal downpour as the waters from the oceans above rain down onto this realm of dead and dark forests with numerous weathered ruins; it is where the deceased come to live their afterlife. Though, even if it is known as a flat world, the landmass is more of an inverted cone; the top being flat and broad, while it extends down, tapering off to a blunt point. From their, numerous chains are attatched to the lower portion of the world, all of which are connected to a large hanging mass of rock, metal and fire know as Iberos. Iberos is home to the many demonic beings that inhabit this world, and the deceased former inhabitants of Ethium who committed horrible atrocities. In contrast, in the sky there is a grand, beautiful city that stands atop clouds, housing the angelic beings of the world and those who in life performed deeds heroic enough to earn them a place in paradise; the realm of Elysium.

Back on the surface, the Ethium is a beautiful land, with multiple climate zones and geographical regions. To the north is the land of Arah'Neil, a moderately large desert in the north, forming a crescent shape. On it's outer rim is a small oasis of beach oasis growth forming a beautiful serries of beaches on the edge of the rim. On it's entire border that isn't coastline, it's blocked from the mainland by a narrow band of mountains that is in no place thicker than three mountains. This area is called the Banteen Scar, and was said to have been caused by the god of War attacking his daughter, Aelia, goddess of the woods and beasts, for showing mercy to an injured animal. His anger was said to have raised a mountain, and it's aura gradually rose more. On the west part of the continent is a lush forest, filled with all kinds of creatures and plants. On the more mainland half of the forest is a more dark evergreen-like forest, with the further in areas gradually turning into semi-tropical zones. A few civilized popular-destination settlements dot the coastline which is entirely cliff faces. One such city which is worth note is the very large city-nation of Caspontion, which was made from a chunk of land that actually touches the waters, with the narrow strip of land that makes a path between the cliffs blocked by a large stone wall, with the gate drawn. The city was said to have been affected by an unknown plague before closing it's gates; keeping anyone out, and trapping everyone within. At the southernmost area of the fores where it almost immediately changes to swamp, a transition from the cliffs to the flat swamp lands is a narrow strip of beach, which is considered the most beautiful sight on Ethium, but is also very dangerous; rich families often cut their way to the beach with a team of mercenaries for protection. From the forest, the landscape changes into a swampland which covers a good portion of the southern part of the landmass, and it has numerous port cities on the edges. The west coast is dominated mostly by mountains, before elevation raises the region to a large snowy, hilly valley with a few more mountains. The very center of the continent is a large area of plains and hills, dotted with many streams and lakes.

The very surface of Ethium is a wonder to behold, but what is truly amazing is what lies below. Through various caves, caverns and other similar openings is the area known as the Coldharbour; this is a series of tunnels, chasms, underground roads, and cavern-cities populated by numerous creatures and races whom prefer it's cold, dank darkness over the warm sun that presides over the surface world. Races and creatures that inhabit the Coldharbour are usually seen as a threat by the surface world.

Higher Beings; Known for Usually Being Powerful Entities with Small Populations
Gods- The beings responsible for the creation of all things.
Dragons- The dragon race is, by far, the grandest non-deity species to ever walk the land. This magnificent group of creatures is a race of wonder and magic; each has a distinctly different appearance and personality, and each has the sentience of any other being. Each dragon has an inherent type of magic breath, representing the classical element the individual dragon is most attuned to. These beasts are strangely able to mate with any other sentient species, seeing as there are so many different offshoots of the "Half-Dragon" variety. This race also has two off-shoot sub-races; Drakes, which resemble smaller, non-sentient dragon-like creatures, and Unshiel, which resemble humanoid dragons.
Genies- Creatures who possess an innate connection to a particular element.
Liches- Liches are powerful sorcerers who underwent a forbidden ritual to join the undead, to gain immortality to forever practice their arts.
Demi-god- A demi-god is the child of the union between a god and a mortal. They usually have one or more outstanding traits.
Angel-The "Heavenly Host" of Ethium, this race has many sub-types. They always fight for a Good and Glorified cause.
Demon- Demons are the core "Evil" forces of the world, and they also have numerous sub-types. Demons are classified by what they embody most; Pride, Selfishness, Lust, Anger, and Hunger.
Vampires- Vampires are indeed a race to be feared. This race of undead terror have many strengths, though there are many weaknesses and inhibitions that they cannot overcome. Vampires, being dead, possess no magical talent, though their senses are all greatly enhanced, and they are stronger, faster, more resilient, and more agile than their nearly any mortal beast. They can also turn into a wolf, bat, or even a form that is like that of a dense fog or mist, though, they are unable to do anything in this form other than move. Some of their weaknesses would be that silver hurts them greatly, they cast no shadows or reflections, and they are repelled by mirrors and garlic. The more often a vampire drinks blood, the more composed the vampire will be, and if it is starved of blood, it's mind will degenerate into that of a feral beast until the next time it drinks. The only way to kill a vampire is to either let it get caught in sunlight, which will burn it to ashes, or submersed in a source of running water for a certain amount of time, which begins turning the vampire to stone and weathering it away. Vampires can be weakened by staking them through the heart, which nearly paralyzes them, or beheading them, which forces their body to try to find it's head without four of the five senses.

Accepted Races; The Accepted Races are the Races Which Possess Superior Intelligence and a Sizable Population
Humans- Humans are the race with the highest population, and is the most versatile of the races. Humans are ruled by one king, whose kingdom in fact encompasses the entire continent. Humans worship the primary gods recognized as the world's pantheon. As a race, they seem to be the most average of all the other races. Physically, they're weaker than orcs and elves, but they have a larger magic potential than them both. They are physically stronger than the fey, but their potential for magic is much less. Their society mostly revolves around social status, with those at the top usually living easier, better lives with less work.
-Ahshivah: The Ahshivah are a dark skinned sub-race of the human race, which reside in the deserts to the North. They are around half of the population. Their society is mostly made up of various tribes of warrior-poets, who wander from oasis to oasis. They are talented fighters, and it wouldn't be surprising to find a few Ashivah elsewhere in the world, selling themselves as mercenaries.
-Calions: Calions are human with a lighter skin tone, and inhabit most of the corelands. They hold the other half of the population. Their society has been ruled by monarchs since the dawn of their civilization. They are a charismatic people who excel at trading and diplomacy.
Elves- The race of elves is a territorial and rather arrogant race. They stand just over the height of humans and possess more feral features, such as elongated ears and angled features, lithe and skinny bodies. Elves make fierce archers and rangers, and their druids harness the powers of nature against their foes. The elven society is matriarchal, and very loyal. They are also staunch protectors of their forests.
-Day Elves: Day Elves are a sub-race of elves who go about their business during the day. They are the most common of the elves. Their skin is slightly tan.
-Night Elves: Night Elves are the nocturnal equal to Day Elves, with their skin tone being pale, with tinges of blue or purple.
-Feral Elves: Feral Elves are elves that further forsake civilization. These elves live deep in the forests, occasionally in small communal groups. They have a hunter-gatherer society, and live solely off of the land. Feral elves have brown skin, occasionally with patches of fur on rare occasions. Given their refusal to refine nature in any way, they are usually armed with small stone weapons and bows. It also is rather common for feral elves to live without clothing, providing others with rather awkward or amusing encounters when these elves take the occasion to venture out of their forests.
-Drow: Drow, or "Dark Elves" are a sub-race of elves who were long ago cast from the other elven nations, they sought refuge underground, in the dank recesses of the Coldharbour. Their skin tone ranges from dark purple to dark blue, and some are even completely black. Their eyes glow with a slightly red light. Drow are more technologically and magically inclined than their surface cousins. The Drow kingdoms underground are led by their queen, who holds a merciless sway over the people. Drow are usually sinister and cynical people, bearing ill will to all.
Fey- The Fey are a race of snooty, prideful, and egotistical humanoids with four insect-like wings that stand about two heads shorter than a human. They are masters of the magic arts, though anything else is a rather difficult matter. The race is ruled by a strict governing body known as the Seelie Court, and law is enforced by a specially trained force of secret assassins known as the Unseelie Court.
Orcs- Orcs are a barely united race of violent, warlike brutes. Orc society relies mostly on he-who-is-the-strongest-rules, but they are also an honor-abiding race. They have sharp teeth, claws, pointed ears, and green skin. They stand about two heads over humans, and have thick musculature. Weapons and armor made by orcs is of the best quality that can be attained. The orcish race has been greatly diminished in size since the God Wars, when the orcish deity took control of the race and waged war against the rest of Ethium.
-Grom: Groms are a sub-race of weak-minded orcs. They are still under the control of the orcish deity who began the God Wars, and as such are often bandits and raiders, attacking whenever they're able to. They are much skinnier than regular orcs, but retain about the same height.
Unshiel- The Unshiel are a race of dragon-like humanoids. Unshiel are around the same size as orcs, and they possess a scaly skin and a blunt but dragon-like head. They make formidable fighters, and even possess the elemental breath of their dragon ancestors. They have a strictly democratic government, with each Unshiel being as equal as the next.

Lesser Beings; Races Which are Either of Lesser Ability or are Disorganized
Half-Dragons- Half dragons are the offspring of a dragon and any other sentient creature; they possess traits of both their parents.
Waress- The Waress are a race of humanoids that seem to have some kind of diabolical origin. They resemble elves, through their skin tone ranges from red to black. They have large horns which sprout from their forehead, and a somewhat long and thick semi-prehensile tail. They are very few in number, and the few that there are usually fit into two different personality cliche's. A warress is usually either a hedonistic being, ore one that seems to be perpetually sad, dismayed, and in a generally melancholy mood. The latter of which are usually captured and sold into slavery because their soft-spoken temperament usually keeps them from disobeying.
Undead- This covers the entirety of the species, whether sentient or non-sentient, and no matter the particular species.
Merfolk- Beautiful beings that dwell in the seas.
Ronon- The ronon are a race of inherently good nature. They bear large wings on their backs, and have hollow, yet strong bones, and their nails are rather sharp, as if in talons. They are often caught and sold into slavery, their peaceful nature keeping them from really rebelling. They very seldom take up arms.
Therianthropes- Therianthropes, or therians for short, are a group of various beings that are afflicted with a curse that forces them into a particular animal form every time the sun sets.
Trolls- Trolls are a race of tribal humanoids who dwell on the tropical islands of Ethium. Trolls have tusks growing from their lower jaw, and have a slightly elongated face, with various bright skin tones. Their bodies are skinny and smooth, slick skin that helps them get through their dense forests.
Gargoyles- The gargoyles were once the dominant race over all of Ethium. They soared through the skies and struck down upon all that lay below, their nearly invulnerable bodies protecting them from harm. They were finally stopped when they ran afoul of the fey; through a lone gargoyle the entire race was cursed to turn to stone in the rays of the sun. Through this, the slumbering gargoyles were hunted in the daylight hours, being shattered when found. Now, very few of the race are left. A sight that was considered spectacular to see was the mating of two gargoyles, for the entire mating action is done in flight.
Undead- Undead is more of a classification for beings than a race itself. Creatures that are undead includes things such as ghosts and zombies, but there is a myriad of others. Undead usually choose to inhabit dark places, such as ruins or the Coldharbour.
Various Others Not Worth Mentioning.

The Hexagram of Sorcery; The Hexagram of Sorcery Classifies Magics Into Different Schools, Know as Branches.
Fire- This Branch of magic deals with the channeling of fire and heat.
Air- This Branch of Magic teaches its practitioners to control winds.
Water- This Branch deals with the manipulation of water.
Earth- This Branch let's the caster control the earth.
Spirit- This Branch let's the caster affect the spirit of others, healing or hindering them.
Arcane- This Branch allows the practitioner to alter the physical world, perform amazing feats, cast illusions, and all non-elemental magics are classified under this Branch.
Psionics- Psionics is a Branch that deals with power of the mind, from psychokinesis, to telepathy, to mind control.

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PostSubject: Re: A Paradise In Peril   Sat Jul 03, 2010 4:04 am


Tahlara Killelylth
Race: Night Elf
Age: 314
Bio: Tahlara was born into and raised in a clan of sword-wielders, and because of this is a sword-user herself. She is one of the best in her craft, and has devoted her life to it, though she can also use a bow and arrow if the occasion calls for it.

Chaulssin Barrows
Species: Elf
Race: Drow
Age: 299
Bio: Chaulssin, known as Sin to most, was born in one of the major Drow cities in the Coldharbour. He was orphaned at a young age, forced to fend for himself in the city.

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PostSubject: Re: A Paradise In Peril   Thu Aug 12, 2010 12:16 am

((Edited in my profile. Let me know if you want me to change anything.))

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PostSubject: Re: A Paradise In Peril   Thu Aug 12, 2010 8:51 am

((All right. I'll add one for me soonish ^^' ))
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PostSubject: Re: A Paradise In Peril   Fri Aug 13, 2010 4:31 pm

((We can start whenever you're ready ^^ I was planning to do multiple RP's in this world; is that chill?
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PostSubject: Re: A Paradise In Peril   Sat Aug 14, 2010 1:00 pm

((Yeah, that's fine. You start.))

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A Paradise In Peril
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