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 In The Grim Darkness...

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PostSubject: In The Grim Darkness...   Tue Feb 24, 2015 11:40 pm

In the grim darkness of the forty first millenium, there is only war. The Imperium of Man is under siege from a thousand enemies, from the cunning and malicious Eldar, to the bloodthirsty warlike Orks, to the imperialistic Tau, to the ancient Necron, to the all consuming Tyrannids, to the unholy powers of Chaos.

Defending the Imperium from the shadows is the Inquisition. Created to do the Emperors will, they fight the enemies of man, hunting them down so that the human race isn't swallowed in a tide of darkness.

Now, on the hive world of Nocturnus, something stirs. Suffering from a feral Ork infestation, citizens of Nocturnus have begun dissapearing more and more frequently. The Inquisition has sent you to investigate, and discover the truth behind what plagues the planet.

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In The Grim Darkness...
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