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 Character Development: Digging Deeper

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PostSubject: Character Development: Digging Deeper   Tue Aug 12, 2014 3:17 pm

This is a character sheet I use to think more about who my character really is. Why they are what they are. History, appearances... It's all a product of how we've lived our lives. I'd like for everyone to take a second to copy down this sheet and fill it out with one of your lesser used characters. Or just one you haven't developed very well. You'll notice I reference archetypes and alignment here. I posted a topic on archetypes just a second ago, and while it is kinda lengthy, identifying your character's archetype is important for truly getting into their heads, and is important in creating a character more identifiable. Note; I know I don't include a spot for an image. That's because I don't want one. Tell me how your character looks and make ME visualize him/her instead of just showing me. It'll be good practice for your descriptive skills. 

Role: (Archetype: Be specific. If your character is a shadow of an archetype, list the shadow.)
Age: (Realistically, how old would your character be to have the knowledge and maturity they have?)
Species: (Human/Vampire/Werewolf/Dragon/etc.)
Race: (Ethnicity: black/white/Indian/Spanish/ect.)
Hair Color: (If unnatural, explain why.)
Eye Color: (If unnatural, explain why.)
Skin Tone:
Physical Description:
External Conflict: (Outside forces creating a conflict with your character)
External Motivation: (Outside motivation. Physical tangible goal.)
Internal Conflict: (What sort of conflict is going on inside your character's head?)
Internal Motivation: (What sort of emotional goal is your character seeking? Revenge? Acceptance?)
Traits: (Character traits, like honest or malicious.)
Current Residence:
Previous Residence(s):
Alignment: (Pick 2: Lawful/Neutural/Chaotic & Good/Neutural/Evil)

It's lengthy, but I want you guys to put as MUCH detail as you can into each section. It'll really help you lay out exactly what your character is like.

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Character Development: Digging Deeper
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