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 The Rammstein [Reboot]

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PostSubject: The Rammstein [Reboot]   Tue Jul 08, 2014 9:44 pm

The beliefs of the Nazi party are that the Aryan race (which specifically includes Germans) is superior to all other races and is the master race, whose destiny is to enslave or kill the lesser races. The race most disliked by the Nazis was, of course, the Jews, and it was the belief of the Nazis that the misfortunes of the human race could all be blamed on Jews. This was a remarkable fantasy, which lead Germany to commit the most horrible crimes in human history.
The Nazis believed that they were the master race, and that no one else was equal to them. They also blamed the loss of territory in world war 1 was the Jews' fault so they cold bloodedly murdered them in the holocaust.
They believed they were the master race, and went about eliminating all the groups in society they didn't need or agree with. Jews, gypsies, all kinds of ethnic minorities.
The immediate forerunner of the Nazi party - the German Workers' Party (DAP) was founded on 5 January 1919 to oppose the Munich 'Soviet'. From the outset it was a party of 'anti' beliefs and initially had very little support. It was:
Anti democratic.
-Basic Beliefs of the Nazi Party

In the year 2102, the Nazi Party returned to power in Germany.
In the year 2115, the Nazis had taken over all of Europe. With this new military prowess, they were able to literally force their opinions on anyone they wished.
By the year 2154, after much resistance, the Nazi Party had successfully taken over the world.

The year is 2176.

Very small, very secretive resistance or rebellion groups exist, spread out all over the globe. But any time the Nazi regime gathers wind of a resistance groups' activity, they launch an investigation. Soon after, the group is usually shut down, the leaders publicly beheaded, with lesser members either executed privately, or left in prison for the rest of their lives.

The social elite are all part of the "master race". Blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, with angled features.
The darker your skin, hair, or eyes, the farther down the social ladder you are.
The Jewish race was exterminated many years ago.

The technological improvements were vast, though, and any form of transportation with wheels is fifty years outdated.

Most manual labor jobs are performed by robots, with darker people aiding the bots or repairing them.

This new "unified" world is known as the "Rammstein"  or "The Battering Ram".
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The Rammstein [Reboot]
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