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 Metro: The Return [Reboot]

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Mistress Lani

Mistress Lani

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PostSubject: Metro: The Return [Reboot]   Tue Jul 08, 2014 9:41 pm

The fabled year.
The year it all comes to an end.
Well, it was supposed to at least. Those Mayan bastards were onto something when they thought that up. The world didn't necessarily come to an end... it's end just happened to begin.

World relations began to deteriorate after 2010, and it gradually got worse. Wars broke out, the global economy bottomed out, all hell broke loose. And one man found a way to put a stop to it all. No one knows who it was, they just know he unleashed the Beginning of the End. This one man released an airborne disease into one of the most crowded areas of the world. And it worked.

The plague spread like a wildfire. In the end, about seventy percent of everything- yes, everything, plants, animals, people- had been infected. The last thirty or so percent were either immune or locked up somewhere safe and snug. Well, this was no ordinary plague. About one third of the ill died. The rest... they mutated. Shed their skin to get this rock-hard hide, grew claws, fangs, spines, and well, just
grew in general.

The Man, the governments... they had no idea how to stop it. They tried their best, but nothing they could muster worked. So, they looked for a way to end it. And a way they found all right. That's when the sh*t really hit the fan.

America ended up nuking China first. Then Brazil. Then India. And then Britain dropped the big one. Four hundred plus suborbital atom bombs fell. Everything, was gone. Everything is gone. Every one that survived was either hidden away or one lucky sod. But hell, what they did to the surface is horrible. There's no hope for it. Why do you think we give you gas masks to go up there?
-Wilhelm Schulz

The year is now 2033 and the aftermath of the End is still upon the world. The surface is totally uninhabitable, and a whole generation has been raised underground. Now, people live in old bomb shelters, caves, anything like that. Most have never even seen the sky. And you, you are a part of Moscow Metro. The Metro is a rather large system of tunnels, underground complexes, subways, and a rather large community. Well, large for post apocalyptic standards.

Emelyn Story
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Status: homeless
Bio: Emelyn, or Emmy, hasn't really found any place where she can stay safely, so she moves around a lot. She's rather accident prone and gets sick easily, but is good help when she's feeling well.
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Metro: The Return [Reboot]
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