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 The Wasteland R.I.P

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PostSubject: The Wasteland R.I.P   Tue Mar 31, 2009 8:13 pm

By the year 2077 the world had advanced far into the wonders of technology. Laser rifles and pistols were common in the military, plasma weapons were and robots were in almost every middle-class home. But everyone was a bit arrogent and cocky. It all started when China invaded Alaska and America went to fight back. The resulted "Great War" lasted seventeen minutes. That was all it took to nuke the world.

Thankfully, the Vault-Tec company had recently desinged and built nuclear shelters to save a select part of humanity (whoever had enough money to buy a place in the shelters). Though, most of these shelters were made just to be experiments. An example would be Vault 87, which "accidently" didn't close well enough and the residents were soaked with radiation, creating the ghouls. Most of the normal vaults opened soon after the majority of the radiation was gone, and thats how humanity began to barely start over.

Now, the year is 2277, and people are barely surviving in the Capitol Wasteland, what's left of Washington D.C. and its surroundings. Sure, there are towns and a few small settlements, but the land is completely barren. Now, the question is, how will you survive?

Any questions, go Here(click)

Humans- Do I need to explane this?

Ghouls- Humans that were soaked in so much radiation that their flesh began to burn and melt, but not enough radiation to kill them. There's heavy racism towards them, and they kind of look like zombies. Feral ghouls are ghouls that went insane and will try to eat you.

Super Mutants- Humans exposed to the FEV (Forced Evolutionary Virus) by the military, or at least whats left of it. They make their own bretheren now, though, by taking human wastelanders. They have nothing to difirentiate between sexes, they're bald, have green skin, and are about eight feet tall and bulky. Kind of like a Shaq/Green Giant clone. If you run into a Super Mutant Behemouth, you're screwed because they're easily thirty feet tall,and people make good snacks. And, in the wasteland, people are snacks for other people on occasion, too.

Androids- I'm pretty sure you guys know what these are. All free androids are escaped slaves, though they're not sold by slavers.

Orginizations or alliances

Enclave- They're what's left of the government. They have the best technology, and they're the only ones that can make anything more complicated than a crappy rifle. They can mass produce guns and ammo, but only for their troops. Their kind of evil. They're led by The Pres. of the U.S., though there wasn't ever an election or anything like that. They're composed of the decendants of soldiers or politicians. No one knows where their base is. Soldiers wear Enclave Power Armor, which is as strong as it gets.

Brotherhood of Steel/Brotherhood of Steel Outcasts- They're a large orginization of people trying to gain technology, kill super mutants, and help wastelanders. They have the most advanced technology aside from the Enclave, but they can't make it. All soldiers wear Power Armor, which is pretty strong stuff. They're based in the Citadel and are led by Elder Lyons. They have a ranking system like that of Midieval knights (Squire, Initiate, Knight, Paladin). Outcasts are the same, except they don't help people, their power armor has a red decal instead of the gray-white-brown rusty color of BOS Power Armor, and they're based in the Independance Memorial.

Slavers- They catch wastelanders and sell them as slaves. They're led by Eulogy Jones. They put unremoveable explosive collars on the slaves to... discourage escaping. Simple enough?

Raiders- Raiders do whatever they want, whenever they want, and their favorite passtimes are torture and murder.

Wastelanders- Normal people, trying to survive in they're little pieces of hell that make up the Capitol Wasteland.

Basic Beastiary

Yao Guai- They are very big, very fast, very strong mutated black bears. Easily the second most powerfull beast in the wastes.

Bloatflies- Flys about the size of footballs. Shoot off their wings and drop kick them if you're bored.

Dogs- They're the same as before the wars, but its a bit diffficult for them to find so anything, including you, is fair game.

Mirelurks- Mutated crabs that are humanoid and are the size of supermutants. With the exception of mirelurk kings, they're completely bulletproof except for the face.

Brahmin- Mutated, two headed cows. They're domestic, but some are still wild.

Deathclaws- Deathclaws are some kind of mutated reptile. They're not cute little Geico Gecko's either. They're easily eight or nine feet tall, and can shread through a foot thick wall of cement with a few swipes of their claws. And to make it worse, they live in packs of about seven to ten.

Notable towns

Megaton- A town built of shedded airplane parts built around a still-active nuclear bomb.

Rivet City- The most well protected city. It makes its home in a beached aircraft carrier. The only way in is through the swing-out bridge.

The Citadel- The BOS HQ, located in the ruins of the Pentagon.

Arefu- Small town ontop of a mostly-destroyed bridge.

Paradise Falls- Town run by slavers in whats left of a strip mall, with old cars for outer walls.

Tenpenny Tower- Mostly still in-tact skyscraper with outer walls made of cement chunks.

Canterbury Commons- Pretty much the only thing in the Wastes that could be considered an upper-class town. Still pretty crappy though. This is where all the android slaves are.

Underworld- Ghoul city based is the Museum of History's Hell exhibit.

The Pitt- Whats left of the city of Pittsburgh. Its an industrial raider-slaver town. It was very heavily soaked with radiation, seeing as three irradiated rivers flow through it and a good many of its inhabitants are mutated. Life here really sucks.

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PostSubject: Re: The Wasteland R.I.P   Tue Mar 31, 2009 8:30 pm


Without helmet

Maverick Vechicts
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Alliances: Brotherhood of Steel
Bio: Maverick was born a citizen of Rivet City, but found the endless steel coridores to be pretty boring, so he tried his hand at the wastes. That wasn't exactly fun either. Especially when the slavers catch you. Thankfully, for Maverick at least, they let him go... to be a slaver. He was good at it though. He made a good bit of caps doing that. But the collars the slavers only go on, and can't be taken off, so Maverick was kind of worried that his collar would blow, since they were pretty buggy. So, after a short time of slaving, he began to seek out the only people that might be able to help him... the Brotherhood of Steel. They, after quite a bit of begging agreed to attempt to remove the collar. They somehow succeded and, as thanks, Makerick offered to join, and recieved the average answer; "Not in a million years, brat." But Elder Lyons, not taking Maverick's past into account, saw some potential and allowed him to become an initiate. Now, Maverick is a strong knight in Elder Lyon's daughter's regiment, Lyon's Pride. He is usually stuck with wasteland patrols and the duty of guarding the Citadel gates.
Weapon(s): A gatling laser, laser pistol, flamer (Flamethrower), and an assult rifle. He also has a double barrel sawed-off shotgun he calls The Kneecapper that he kept from his slaver days.
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The Wasteland R.I.P
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